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$250.00  GA Headsets



Military to GA ANR   $290.00



  GA Headset to ANR    $250.00





$250.00  GA Headsets
$290.00  Military Headsets to GA (includes New Mic)

I will convert your aviation headset to ANR (Active Noise Reduction). You can now have the latest technology installed into your headset.

It will include a new set of Headset INC ANR modules, New Comm cord with power, Auto shutoff battery box, 9 Volt battery.

I will disassemble and clean the headset before rebuilding.

The ANR is fully guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor, that's twice as good as the factory guarantee. A new ANR headset will cost you $750 plus. You can have yours converted for much less and it's guaranteed.

Made completely in the USA

I can install a 3.5mm jack for MP3 or Cell phone audio for an extra $15.  When your MP3 or Cell phone is plugged in, the audio will go into the right speaker and
ATC in the Left speaker. Unplug your cable and ATC will be heard in both speakers. It is not stereo. This is listen only, no mic audio


Q: What is Active Noise Reduction? (ANR)
A: ANR is a system of actively seeking ambient noise and suppressing it using a microphone, electronics, and a speaker. Our system samples the noise right at your ear, reverses it 180 degrees, and plays it back to actively cancel the noise.

Q: What frequency range is the ANR most effective?
A: From 50-1000 Hz, where most prop blast, engine noise, and wind noise is located. Our system peaks at 20db attenuation at 200Hz.

Q: What is the standard power source?
A: The units require 9 Volts DC, which is provided from one 9-volt transistor battery located in the battery box included with the kit. Typical battery life in most GA aircraft is 15-20 hours.

Q: What happens if the battery dies while I am flying?
A: The ANR units are fail-safe. If your battery dies during flight, the headset will still operate as a normal passive headset with all transmit and receive capabilities intact.

Q: Will the ANR system make my headset heavier?
A: No- the typical stock speaker weighs about 35 grams. Our ANR units weigh 34.6 grams, so the overall effect on the weight is negligible.

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