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H10-30 Refurbed $180.00

Refurbed Headsets



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This Preowned David Clark H10-30 has been refurbished to factory specs and is in Very Good condition. It has a soft rubber headband with Liquid Foam Ear Seals, it has the M1/DC mic, has volume control. This is one of David Clark's most popular headsets.

The headset is fully guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor. A new headset will cost you $300 plus. You can get this one for much less and it is guaranteed. It will work in all GA airplanes, Cessna's to Lear Jets.

When I refurbish a headset I take it apart and inspect the parts and replace the ones that are cracked, torn, engraved, bent, frayed or don't work.

Each headset is different. I replace the wind screen, ear filters with new on all headsets. If the headband is faded, torn or dirty I replace it. If the ears seals are leaking I replace them otherwise I clean them.

I try very hard to send a headset that looks good and will give many years of service at a decent price, I know all of us who fly are on a tight budget.

If you are not completely happy you may return it for a full refund.

Why buy a used headset of unknown quality when you can get this one worry free!

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