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H10-60 New $360.00

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Model H10-60
Built-In Versatility
The H10-60 is a premium quality headset designed for pilots who fly frequently and spend long hours in the cockpit.
The versatile dome jack accepts three different cord assemblies to accommodate a variety of aircraft requiring different headset plugs for unmatched versatility to meet your flying requirements.
Super-soft head pad [ORDER]
Larger, yet lighter, undercut, Comfort Gel, ear seals [ORDER]
Headset pressure adjustment
Headband size adjustment
M-7A, advanced noise-cancelling microphone [ORDER]
Dual volume control lets you adjust the level for each ear
Boom guide lock
Exclusive, patented flex/wire boom for easy, precise microphone placement
Dome jack lets you select from three different cord assemblies
5-Year Warranty, Made in USA
FAA TSO Approved C-57b, C58a
Exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards
Weight (without cord assembly): 22 oz.
Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB

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