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H10-60 Refurbed $199.00

Refurbed Headsets



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This David Clark H10-60 GA Twin plug has been refurbished to factory specs and is in Very Good Condition. It has a Soft Pillow headband with Gel Ear Seals,  Volume control, M7 mic with new wind screen.  This is one of David Clark's most popular headsets. You can order interchangeable Comm cords from David Clark to work on various radios and aircraft. It comes with the Dual plug general aviation comm cord.

Model H10-60
Built-In Versatility
The H10-60 is a premium quality headset designed for pilots who fly frequently and spend long hours in the cockpit. The versatile dome jack accepts three different cord assemblies to accommodate a variety of aircraft requiring different headset plugs for unmatched versatility to meet your flying requirements.
Super-soft head pad
Larger, yet lighter, undercut, Comfort Gel, ear seals
Headset pressure adjustment
Headband size adjustment
M-7A, advanced noise-cancelling microphone
Dual volume control lets you adjust the level for each ear
Boom guide lock
Exclusive, patented flex/wire boom for easy, precise microphone placement
Dome jack lets you select from three different cord assemblies
2-Year Warranty, Made in USA
FAA TSO Approved C-57b, C58a
Exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards
Weight (without cord assembly): 22 oz.
Certified Noise Reduction Rating - 23 dB

The headset is fully guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor. A new headset will cost you $300 plus. You can get this one for much less and it is guaranteed. It will work in all GA airplanes, Cessna's to Lear Jets.

If you are not completely happy you may return it for a full refund.

Why buy a used headset of unknown quality when you can get this one worry free!

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