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SafetyCell Adapter $169.00

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$169.00 Includes Shipping



  Safety Cell   $169.00




The SafetyCell is a product that allows a pilot to use his iPhone, Droid and other Smart Phones with his avionic headset and listen and transmit radio and phone transmissions simultaneously.

The amplified SafetyCell filters your radio and cell phone signals, cleans them up and then amplifies your cell phone volume by as much as 600%, depending on your phone/headset combination.
Both the radio and the cell phone signals are then brought into the headset for loud and clear communication.

This is the unit you will want if your plane is on the noisy side or if you have "mature" ears.
This unit does not require any batteries but must be plugged into your VOX mic jack to work properly.

Let me know which phone or player you will be using and I will put the correct plug on.

SafetyCell is lightweight and portable, maintenance free and installs in seconds.
It is easy to use; simply dial the phone normally, talk and listen through your headset.

Great for primary and emergency communications and many other applications. Such as:

Filing a flight plan

Checking weather

Calling for fuel

Getting a clearance at an uncontrolled field

Voiding a flight plan

Closing a VFR flight plan

Calling for a taxi

Scheduling a meeting

Advising your pickup party that you are late/early

Letting your spouse know where you are or that you will be late

Primary communications for AG pilots

Primary communications for Experimental and Ultralight pilots

More secure communications for law enforcement.


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