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Smart Phone Headset $450.00

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This is a New David Clark Military headset that has been upgraded to General Aviation Specifications. It is in New condition. The David Clark Military headset is rugged and built to last many years in service, and when it is upgraded to GA specs it is a win-win deal. 

This headset has iPhone or Droid inputs



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This headset has iPhone or Droid inputs. When you have your smart phone or MP3 connected to the headset the audio will be heard in both ears along with the aircraft audio. It is not stereo.  When you are using your Cell phone the mic will function normally and the person you are talking to on the phone will hear you.  There is a push button on the left ear dome to answer and terminate your calls and play your music hands free. Your mic audio will be heard on the intercom as usual.  If you press your PTT the headset will work like normal. Both aircraft and Cell phone will work at the same time. It requires no battery pack to work, it gets it's power from the intercom.

The audio is amplified and filtered so your radio and cell phone signals are clean and crisp.

It is easy to use; simply dial the phone normally, talk and listen through your headset. Great for primary and emergency communications and many other applications. Such as:

Filing a flight plan
Checking weather
Calling for fuel
Getting a clearance at an uncontrolled field
Voiding a flight plan
Closing a VFR flight plan
Calling for a taxi
Scheduling a meeting
Advising your pickup party that you are late/early
Letting your spouse know where you are or that you will be late
Primary communications for GA pilots
Primary communications for Experimental and Ultralight pilots
More secure communications for law enforcement

It comes with the cable to hook the Phone to the headset.

It has a new twin plug GA Comm Cord, new Form Kit, new style Double Padded Headband. new UnderCut Gel Earl Seals, new Volume Control and a New M7 Mic.  The headset is inspected to be in new condition before upgrading. The headset is fully guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor, that's twice as good as the factory guarantee.

ANR is available for this headset.  Add $250.00 to the price.

Made in the USA

It also can be configured with the coil cord for helicopters. Let me know if you want the coil cord with the U174 plug instead of the GA twin plugs.

If you are not completely happy you may return it for a full refund.

Why buy a used headset of unknown quality when you can buy a new one for less and be worry free!

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